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We welcome guests from outside Canada for residential camp. We have hosted popular residential camp programs since 1990.

Information for guests from overseas and outside Canada.




The pages with camp information are organized so that information about rider experience levels applies to both day camp and residential programs.

Information about day camps is on the day camp link, and residential camps are on the residential link. Rates for all programs can be discussed by contacting us via email or phone.

The rates page has some comments from campers and parents. The names have been removed for privacy reasons. They would be happy to communicate directly with parents who wish to ask questions.






Residential and day camp programs are also available throughout the school year.
Weekend, Winter Break, and March Break sessions offer a chance to experience "real" life on the farm.



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Camp is all about personal growth. Learning new things. Making new friends. Discovering the responsiblities of caring for an animal. The smell of the forest, the sounds of nature, the unexpected and hilarious moments, the struggles and the accomplishments.
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