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Most riders generally start by taking "riding lessons" and tend to regard competition as something beyond their aspirations. Then, as they progress and get a taste of competition, each rider makes decisions about their level of participation. Options range from weekly lessons and occasional trail rides to international competition and regular show circuits. . For those who want to go beyond and get serious about training and competing, we offer coaching.

We are currently looking for students interested in training for FEI Junior and FEI Pony and Young Riders. We have some very talented young horses ready to compete in the next few months. (FEI is the acronym for the International Equestrian Federation: FEI Fédération Equestre Internationale)









  This photo is by Angela Fox.

   Reserve Champion 2003







Student Benjamin and "Sudden Inspiration" April 2003.








     Four months later, August 2003. 







September 2003:
two Championships in one day!







Waussnodae Pony Club
Prince Philip Games Team 2006










Cross country schooling.


As you can see in the photographs, our riders develop excellent "position". As a result of this and our approach to understanding what works best for the horses, the riders are rewarded for their efforts. When a horse is ridden well, it "goes" well. This, in addition to the satisfaction of knowing the horses are comfortable and having a good time, leads to comfortable and enjoyable rides, 'and', to ribbons and placings and competitive success for each rider.

Good position + correct interpretation of the horse's actions and reactions + well-chosen and well-timed aids = effective riding which in turn = performances that are enjoyable for all concerned: horses first and foremost, riders, coach, judges and spectators.

Our competition page shows some of the ribbons and trophies our horses and riders have earned over the years.


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