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Each time a rider works with a horse, training is taking place. New behaviours and habits are formed, and previously learned material is reinforced. Horses generally become more responsive with consistent repetition. Every rider, therefore, is a trainer.

More experienced riders are able to communicate more effectively with horses than those with less experience, thus the customary practice of having young horses started by professionals. While we are working with your horse it's important that we also work with you so that everyone is on the same page so to speak.

We offer various training programs including starting green horses, developing horses for competition, and problem solving for owners who are not getting the results they desire. If necessary we can help with trailer loading, clipping, general barn manners, leading, etc.

Rates for training include board and grooming. We invite you to arrange a visit to the farm to check out horses we have trained. If you would like us to work with your horse we can sit down with you and discuss your goals and budget.

Quite often we find that horses are difficult to ride because their tack doesn't fit, or they need dental work. It is a good idea to address these issues before sending a horse for training. If necessary, we can arrange to have these matters looked after while your horse is here.

All the horses in the following photo series are horses we have started from scratch. Backed, started under saddle, schooled in basic dressage and flat work, and also schooled for specific competition disciplines. Some of these horses are used as lesson horses, and some are available for our students to lease for competition.


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For more detailed information about summer day camp, including daily activities, costs, age range please refer to the "camp" link.

We have a downloadable Power Point Slide Presentation containing registration forms and detailed info.

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